Zack Snyder Teases Familiar Faces For Netflix Sci-Fi Rebel Moon

zack snyder

Plenty of filmmakers build solid relationships with their colleagues on either side of the camera, so it’s only natural that they’d find themselves working together on any number of projects. It’s hardly a new phenomenon, but it’s still one that Zack Snyder could be set to apply to his upcoming Netflix sci-fi Rebel Moon.

The Army of the Dead director teased that the former Star Wars spinoff will be similar to Man of Steel‘s opening scene set on Krypton, except on what he called “the biggest steroids imaginable”. Marry that to a plot inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, Snyder’s signature visual flourishes and the creative freedom afforded by Netflix, and we could be on to something special.

In a new interview with ComicBook, the former DCEU alumni teased that he might be looking to rope in several familiar faces to star in Rebel Moon, with Billy Crudup being specifically name-dropped.

“Always. I mean, I love my guys. I always call these guys. I like my acting family and I always, if they’re not busy or whatever, it’s always an honor to get to work with them again. Like Billy Crudup and all those guys. It’s always like, these are people. It’s just that I have been really fortunate and worked with such great people and consider so many of them my friends that, yeah, that’d be great.”

Any actor to have worked with Snyder has nothing but the highest of praise for the man, so plenty of big names would jump at the chance to lend their talents to his mega budget intergalactic blockbuster. He did hint that casting news was coming sooner rather than later, so we may be finding out in short order who ends up getting the call for Rebel Moon.