Zack Snyder Teases Super Rad Wonder Woman Action In Justice League Snyder Cut


Millions of people will be gathering around their televisions today to enjoy Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 now that the DCEU sequel has been released onto HBO Max, but once the credits roll to black, fans won’t have to wait long to see Diana Prince again. Jenkins may have cast doubt on her involvement with Wonder Woman 3, and she’s got the small matter of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron to deal with first, but Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior will be back on our screens in just a couple of months when the Snyder Cut of Justice League finally arrives.

The filmmaker has already admitted that he wants to erase Joss Whedon’s maligned theatrical cut from existence, which shouldn’t be too difficult when most fans would rather pretend as though it was never a thing in the first place, and when the four-hour miniseries comes to streaming, it’ll be regarded by audiences, critics and the DCEU’s contracted talent as the definitive and canonical take on the movie.

Snyder has been feverishly working away on the project for months, and in a recent interview, he teased a much bigger piece of the action for Wonder Woman, who’ll use her relentless positivity to try and inspire the more cynical members of the titular team.

“I feel like Wonder Woman’s journey in our movie is really that she’s kind of the glue. A lot of the glue that kind of holds the team together. She is the dose of love that everyone kind of needs. She has a line where she’s talking to Aquaman, where he has a slight sort of malice towards his people, and he’s talking about it. And she says, of course, things like, ‘Hate is useless’. And he’s like, ‘Maybe’. I feel like that’s kind of her mantra throughout the film, is just saying things to Victor about the world needs his gifts. Super rad Wonder Woman action. She goes completely off the charts.”

None of the characters in Justice League were given the time to leave much of an impression, but with the Snyder Cut set to run for at least twice as long as the theatrical edition, every single member of the team looks to be getting a distinct and substantial story arc the second time around after Whedon was ordered by the studio to blast through the narrative in two hours or less.