Zack Snyder trends again as fans continue to praise his ‘Justice League’

Justice League

If you thought that Spider-Man: No Way Home would be the only comic book blockbuster taking a massive bite out of the social media discourse this week, then you’ve clearly forgotten about the intensely dedicated and admirably loyal supporters of Zack Snyder, his SnyderVerse, and HBO Max’s Justice League.

It was only recently that the two aforementioned epics were locked in a heated battle as fans debated the best superhero blockbuster to arrive in 2021, and now the man himself is being singled out for even more adulation. Critics have never been all that impressed with his work, but very few directors in the industry provoke this sort of reaction from the online community.

Snyder is currently busying himself prepping Netflix’s refitted Star Wars spinoff Rebel Moon, after which he’s expected to dive right back into the Army of the Dead universe to helm the direct sequel, as he continues to oversee the various spinoffs that are on the table.

The Discovery merger with WB will be finalized by the summer, and many SnyderVerse aficionados have pinpointed this as the time period where they could see their wish granted at long last. It’s about as far from being a guarantee as you could imagine, but you can’t fault them for their optimism.