WB And Discovery Are Reportedly At War Over The SnyderVerse


It’s been over 24 hours since we heard an unconfirmed, unsubstantiated and uncorroborated rumor regarding the future of the SnyderVerse under the new Warner Bros. Discovery conglomerate, so we were about due.

Right on time, then, the latest addition to the never-ending churn of speculation claims that the studio and Discovery are at war over the future of Zack Snyder’s mythology. That is literally the extent of the information made available, so there’s no word on what form this alleged war has taken, who’s involved, what the disagreements are about, or how it could ultimately resolve itself, so it’s probably best to dump a big ol’ pile of salt on this one for the time being given the dearth of details.

The recent corporate merger has reignited the flames of the SnyderVerse fire, which were dangerously close to becoming little more than embers after the WB top brass made it perfectly clear in no uncertain terms that HBO Max’s Justice League was the end of the line, and the boardroom was gracious enough to sign off by giving the fans exactly what they’d been clamoring for since November 2017.

Of course, that still wasn’t good enough, and the vociferous desires of SnyderVerse supporters won’t be satiated until the filmmaker is brought back under the DC Films umbrella and handed hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver those two Justice League sequels that he’s already got planned out in his head. Now that the company is under new ownership, there’s always the possibility that it could yet happen, but as always, it’s best to wait for some facts to make the rounds before jumping to any conclusions.