Zack Snyder’s Justice League Made A Big Aquaman Mistake


Like almost every other reluctant hero in the history of reluctant heroes, Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry spends almost the entirety of his solo movie trying to distance himself as far as possible from his destiny, before he eventually realizes that resistance is futile. And by the time James Wan’s Aquaman drew to a close, he’d got himself a shiny new costume and trident to rule as the King of Atlantis.

It’s an arc we’ve seen done to death a thousand times before, but rarely has it featured an octopus playing a drum solo and Willem Dafoe with a man bun. Indeed, Aquaman did what many thought was impossible by taking a superhero that’s been reduced to the butt of countless jokes over the years and turned him into a chiseled badass who was equal parts charismatic and cool.

However, one thing the hero would never do is litter, something Zack Snyder clearly didn’t realize when he was cobbling together his four-hour version of Justice League. If you’ve seen it, you’ll remember that Arthur downs a bottle of whiskey in slow motion because that’s what cool guys do, before smashing it into the dock. The only problem is that this would have sent broken shards of glass into the water, which is not behavior fitting for a man of his lineage.

Not only that, but he also takes his shirt off, which is only natural because this is Jason Momoa we’re talking about here, but where does it go after it comes off? Was it left bobbing around in the ocean, discarded negligently to either entrap a helpless sea creature or wash up on a random shore somewhere as trash? Who knows, and it’s an admittedly incredibly minor detail, but it still goes against Aquaman‘s core values.