Watch: New Justice League Trailer Focuses On Aquaman

Justice League

We don’t have long to wait until Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which will be streaming from March 18th. In the last week or so, we’ve had character trailers for Superman and Batman, as well as other glimpses of the long-awaited recut of the 2017 movie. The latest promo released today focuses on Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, and like the others, is only getting us more excited for the DCEU picture.

In the video, available above, we get a brief re-introduction to Jason Momoa’s hero and his arc from Aquaman, as he’s persuaded to return to the world to assume his mantle in Atlantis. The suitably moody clip also highlights Curry’s reluctance to join the newly-formed Justice League against Darkseid and his army, and shows off some of the hero’s water-based powers.

As with the other superhero spotlights we’ve had so far, the footage works to re-acquaint audiences with the basics of one of its leads, whose standalone feature came out the year after the much-criticized Whedon version of Justice League. Like other parts of the Snyder edit, there’ll presumably be more time given over to Momoa’s performance and the role of Atlantis in the story, with Amber Heard’s Mera also expected to take a more prominent part in the action than in the existing theatrical film.

Looking ahead, we should be getting Aquaman 2 in 2022, which will potentially have the largest budget of any DC franchise entry to date. Of course, much of the pre-production talk around the sequel, which is planned to start shooting this summer, has focused on the controversies surrounding Heard’s involvement. With Snyder reportedly keen to keep the actress around for the next stage of the Warner Bros.-owned series, though, the scenes featuring Mera and Aquaman in Justice League may show just why the director thinks that she’s right to continue alongside Momoa in Atlantis.