New Zealand Is The Next Country Not Showing The Human Centipede 2

New Zealand horror fanatics will have to find more creative ways to see The Human Centipede 2, the sequel to Tom Six‘s disturbing and grotesque 2010 film, The Human Centipede, which, if you’ve been living under a rock the past year, you can read all about here.

Yesterday, the film was banned from Australian cinemas even though it has aired in theaters unedited for the last two weeks. In response, the film’s Australasian distributor, Nick Foley, decided not submit it to New Zealand censors.

“We’ve had a couple of films we’ve had problems with in New Zealand so we’re not going to try,” Foley said “The feedback we had from New Zealand distributors is that it probably wasn’t worth it.”

Foley said he is disappointed the film has been banned in so many places.

“People really love the film, but it’s a very memorable cinematic experience,” he said. “It’s rare for people to walk out and remember something. It’s a very artful, sophisticated film in a lot of ways.”

Personally, I don’t like it when films are censored. Even though I’d never watch The Human Centipede 2 of my own free will, I think those with tougher stomachs should have the right to see it in theaters. It just doesn’t sit right with me, especially because in New Zealand’s case it isn’t even going to be submitted for review.

What do you think of all the bans The Human Centipede 2 is getting? Have you seen the film? Let us know in the comments.