Three Clips For Zombieland: Double Tap Dial Things Up To 11


A full 10 years have passed since Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland blasted into theaters, and boy, how things have changed.

Fast forward to 2019, and Marvel’s entire Infinity Saga has come and gone, culminating in the launch of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Wonder Woman got her own movie (at long last), Black Panther was nominated for Best Picture, and Fleischer dipped his toe in the inky-black waters of Venom, Sony’s anti-hero pic that sent Eddie Brock into the stratosphere.

For Fleischer, though, things have come full circle, as the filmmaker is now on the verge of releasing the aptly-titled Zombieland: Double Tap. And it seems the undead have somehow – almost inexplicably – evolved, sending Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock on a new mission across the ravaged US of A.

Packed to the rafters with zombie-slaying action, Double Tap is exactly what we expect from a Zombieland movie, and you’ll be able to take a closer look at Fleischer’s flick thanks to today’s newly-released clips, of which there are three.

True to his word, Fleischer plans to roll out highly-evolved zombies to ensure that, even after all this time, our heroes won’t get complacent. By all accounts, we imagine Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has a helluva lot more than 32 rules to keep him and his friends alive.

Here’s what Fleischer told Fandango about the hidden horrors in store:

As far as the zombies, yeah, I think our heroes are a little complacent because the zombies don’t present much of a challenge anymore. They’ve started to categorize them into different groups. There’s ones that they call Homers, who are kind of the dumber zombies. There are the Ninjas who are a little bit more crafty and they might sneak up on you. And then there’s the Hawkings, who are smarter zombies.

Armed to the teeth with big action and even bigger guns, look for Zombieland: Double Tap to reach theaters next Friday, October 18th. Is it big enough to dislodge Warner’s Joker movie from the tip-top of the box office? The jet-black comic book film has been gobbling up box office receipts left, right, and center, though Double Tap is surely the first worthy pretender to Arthur Fleck’s throne.