5 Seconds of Summer fandom rallies to have Netflix remove unauthorized documentary

Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

There’s something quite special about being part of a fandom, be it for your favorite movie, series, comic, or music artist. From conventions and concerts to theaters and stages across the globe — some of us meet the best of friends through shared interests. We bond with those around us while we’re watching out favorite musicians on stage.

5 Seconds of Summer is one of those bands with an extensive and dedicated fan base, and they’re not afraid to go to bat for them whenever necessary. Currently, fans are calling on Netflix to remove an unauthorized documentary about 5SOS after the band made the request themselves to no avail.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about So Perfect, the unauthorized 5SOS documentary on Netflix that premiered today against the band’s wishes.

This fan is sharing other recommendations for fans of the band to watch.

This fan decided to call out the platform and remind others that the band asked Netflix to remove the show with no response from the streamer.

This has to be one of the best responses we’ve seen.

This user shared a message from band member Ashton Irwin himself and brought up when Taylor Swift had to call out the streaming platform for her own reasons.

A band close to 5SOS is also standing up against Netflix airing the fake documentary.

This user got flagged by Twitter for posting the same thing more than once — they’re trying to let everyone know that’s the point.

Fans are telling Netflix not to mess with them and using gifs from some of our favorite films and tv shows to do so.

Some fans are even going as far as to delete their Netflix accounts supporting the band.

Either way, it’s not looking great for the documentary, which lost its target market of 5SOS fans and probably didn’t have a backup demographic in mind. It looks like their plan wasn’t so perfect.