AC Slater Returns To OWSLA


After his Back To The Floor EP marked the inaugural release of OWSLA’s Nest HQ, AC Slater went on to turn his coined Night Bass party into a full-on record label with its own genre. Now, the industry tastemaker is making a much anticipated return to the infamous LA bass camp.

Teasing the masses with “One Step,” we get an idea of what AC Slater has been up to. The track features the producer’s trademark vocal arrangements, coupled with lighthearted melodies which take on a beautiful contrast against the jouncing bassline.

Micah Freeman’s voice is positively superb here, effortlessly complementing the driven percussion and dark embellishments. The track’s cherry toppers, though, are the ambient synths and spritely xylophone lead, resulting in a sound that’s something like an adulterated Crash Bandicoot nightclub – which is exactly where I want to be.

Dropping in its entirety on August 7th, AC Slater’s Take The Night EP is sure to be the start of a new chapter for the Night Bass don.