Afrojack Kicks Off New Mini Documentary Series Behind The Wall


About three years ago would have been a perfect time for Afrojack to kick off a mini documentary series about his record label, Wall Recordings. I’m not saying it would have made it any more watchable, but the timing would have been better.

As far as I can tell from the pilot episode of Behind The Wall, titled “Introduction,” the series follows the Dutch DJ and his signees during their time touring together. The first installment takes place in Miami, and it comes to a close with Afrojack playing a set on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival.

Nothing that happens is far enough outside the scope of a typical EDM artist’s career that it ought to be documented, and the characters themselves aren’t controversial enough for Jersey Shore-like shenanigans to make it more of a spectacle. Furthermore, the soundtrack is made up of the vapid sort of big room house that’s well on its way to irrelevance in 2016.

Then again, maybe future episodes will showcase more substance by addressing that Afrojack‘s style is gradually turning him into a relic of a bygone era. Until then, you can watch the first episode in the YouTube player above and leave your comments down below.