Alan Walker Delivers Stunning Coldplay Remix


UK producer Alan Walker unveiled a new remix this week of Coldplay’s “Hymn For The Weekend,” delivering a forward thinking re-imagining of the recently released single.

Walker’s remix picks up the pace a bit from the original Coldplay effort, taking the song into more dance friendly territory. Chris Martin’s echoey vocals are juxtaposed over a stark chord proggression, before a catchy synth part starts to form an enticing rhythm. Moving into the memorable chorus, the new version of “Hymn” really gets going with pleasing synth melodies and a steady four on the floor beat offset by huge tom rolls.

The new remix of “Hymn For The Weekend” isn’t a major departure from the original, with the producer opting to transport Chris Martin’s acapella onto a new backing track, but the newly added electronic elements mesh well with the original song, transforming Coldplay’s single into a nightlife anthem and establishing Alan Walker as an artist with serious remixing chops.