Amnesia Ibiza Raided And Owner Martin Ferrer Arrested


It seems like Amnesia Ibiza can’t catch a break this summer, and the latest news to surface regarding the world-famous establishment just might signal its demise. Following a raid of the nightclub carried out by armed officials with detection dogs, owner Martin Ferrer and others have been arrested.

In a joint operation between the Central Operating Unit of Spain’s Civil Guard, Team Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Administration, and agents of the Judicial Police, officials entered the island from outside via helicopter. Having been called for by Court Number 1 of Ibiza, the raid resulted from investigations that date back over five years regarding money laundering and drug offenses.

Amnesia Ibiza’s summer had already gotten off to a rocky start when its management announced that local lawmakers would require it to stay open for shorter hours. Being that the nightlife destination has been a fixture of the community since 1976, it’s hard to say at this point whether the turn of events will lead to it being shut down altogether, but hopefully that won’t be the case.

Spanish courts are not required to relay the details of their proceedings to the public, but more information regarding the raid of Amnesia Ibiza as well as the arrest of Martin Ferrer and others is sure to surface sooner rather than later. When we hear anything further, we’ll be sure to let you know.