Andrew Rayel Makes A Breakthrough With “Epiphany”


The recent resurgence of more classic trance styles has prompted the genre’s fans to turn their noses at songs that incorporate more main stage-friendly elements. The right artist can pull such a synthesis off tastefully, though, and Andrew Rayel‘s “Epiphany” proves him more than capable.

Hard kicks and an almost Hardwellian progression start the track off with aggression uncommon to Andrew Rayel releases. An ethereal female vocal refrain then ushers in its dramatic synth lead, which takes center stage through the thunderous drop and beyond.

When we spoke with him during Miami Music Week, Rayel made it clear that he had no desire to bend to the will of trance purists. For the advanced conceptual awareness evident in the arrangement of “Epiphany,” however, such music fans would be doing themselves a disservice by writing it off for not being pure trance in its strictest definition.

Andrew Rayel‘s “Epiphany” is out now through Armada Music sub-label Armind. For additional streaming or download options, click here.

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