The Artist Union Is Changing The Way You Soundcloud


If you’ve used Soundcloud at all, you’ve likely run into a download gate that let’s you grab a song in exchange for a follow. It’s become the standard for collecting new music from the streaming site, and a major way for artists to interact with their fanbase to gather useful data. However, the concept of download gates have packed more opportunities than users realized. Now, The Artist Union is looking to take full advantage of this untapped potential.

Boasting Facebook/Spotify support and integration, customizable fan interactions, and a little something called the Soundcloud Powerscore, The Artist Union is changing the way you Soundcloud. All packaged in a user friendly, ease-of-use platform, designed with artists in mind.

The Soundcloud Powerscore in particular is the feature grabbing the most attention. Similar to a Klout score for social media, the Soundcloud Powerscore ranks an account from 0 to 100, considering account engagement via track likes, reposts, number of followers, etc. Not only does this help artists digest valuable data regarding their own material, but helps them when choosing a label or blog to release material with.

Even if you’re not an artist, this new download gate is promising a better interaction with your favorite artist, and a more sensible approach to downloading.

Be sure to check out The Artist Union for more information.