Avicii’s Latest Release Will Put Hope In Your Heart


Avicii‘s made quite the comeback this festival season after his health issues forced him to take a step away from touring last year, and his latest tracks prove that he hasn’t lost his touch in the studio, either. He’s followed up his recent Martin Garrix collaboration, “Waiting For Love,” by debuting another folk-tinged hit in the form of “Broken Arrows (Hope In Your Heart),” a song certain to gain traction in the months to follow.

A radio-friendly vocal leads into thumping drum kicks, all of which build to a folksy melody erupting into a synth-driven crescendo of main stage-igniting energy. Seeing as how it features many of the same elements as Avicii’s incredibly successful 2013 hit “Wake Me Up,” it would appear as though the young DJ/producer has struck gold and found a distinct sound that works for him as an artist in the years since his debut hit, “Levels.”

Of course, that all depends on you, the listener. So tell us, do you find Avicii‘s “Broken Arrows (Hope In Your Heart)” deserving of the same praise, or would you prefer to see him take his productions in another direction? Listen to the rip above and give us your thoughts on his new track in the comments section below.