Axwell Drops Massive New Single “Barricade”


Just in time for festival season, Axwell has followed in the footsteps of his buddy Ingrosso and dropped a monstrous new solo track in the form of “Barricade.” With main stage written all over it, things get going right from the start with a pounding beat and vocal sample telling us “we are the future live today.”

From there, it’s a non-stop assault on our ears. Pulsating a high energy throughout, the song has been played countless times in Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s recent sets and sports a pretty hard edge, which we’re really digging.

Throw in a female vocal-led breakdown and some blaring horns along with a few trap-y sounds to get the crowd pumped, and you’ve got yourself a well-produced banger that will no doubt be a staple of many sets during festival season.

Trust us, you’ll be hearing “Barricade” a lot over the next few months, so why not get familiar with it now via the player above? Once you’ve done so, head on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of Axwell‘s latest.

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