Bad Meets Evil Release Lighters Music Video Featuring Bruno Mars

Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ (known collectively as Bad Meets Evil) have just released the music video for Lighters, which features Bruno Mars crooning the hook. The video shows Eminem leaving from a writing session and Royce escaping from prison through trap doors that lead them through a dark tunnel and eventually to a scene of hot air balloons rising into the night sky. I’m assuming that’s supposed to be a metaphor for escaping their troubles but who knows.

Now if you read my review for the album, you’ll notice I’m not a big fan of this track and that “its fluffy beat and Bruno Mars featured hook…doesn’t fit the darker tone of the rest of the EP”. I generally have a big problem with singles like this that completely misrepresent the sound of the album but for what it’s worth, I rather like the video.

Do you agree with me? Let us know in the comments.