Bakermat Teases Summery Single “Dreamreacher”


Bakermat has taken to SoundCloud this week to share a preview of his upcoming single “Dreamreacher.” For his latest effort, the Dutch producer has enlisted the help of singer songwriters CHEVRAE and Dumang, who contribute smooth vocals to the song.

The preview for “Dreamreacher” is actually rather lengthy, coming in at just under three minutes and giving us a good idea where Bakermat is headed on the song. “Dreamreacher” features plenty of summery appeal with acoustic guitar plucks and soulful vocal hooks. Oceanic synth pads and catchy marimba melodies bring a playful touch to the song, layered over organic percussion and steady house beats.

Overall, Bakermat‘s latest work features a pleasing tropical production with plenty of memorable vocal hooks to compliment its lighthearted sound. We’re left in the dark as to an exact due date for “Dreamreacher,” with only the clue that it will be released “soon” via Dirty Soul Music.