Blink-182 Recreate A Classic In “She’s Out Of Her Mind” Video


Blink-182 is giving everybody a hefty dose of nostalgia today thanks to a partnership with Spotify. In a new Spotify-created content series called Flash Frame, Blink are recreating their iconic “What’s My Age Again?” music video for their new California single, “She’s Out Of Her Mind.”

In the “She’s Out Of Her Mind” clip, it isn’t a complete re-enactment of the original – instead of Blink running throughout the video naked, they’re replaced by female social media gurus such as Hannah Stocking, Vale Genta, and Lele Pons. iPads and iPhones are also integrated in the video as they show the band performing the song on stage, and Workaholics actor Adam Devine has a cameo role as a nurse. In addition to the music video, Blink’s Flash Frame also features live performances and exclusive interviews, which can be seen on their Spotify page here.

Blink-182 redoing their “What’s My Age Again?” video might catch a few eye-rolls from some, mostly because Tom DeLonge isn’t even in the band anymore. It helps, though, that “She’s Out Of Her Mind” is undeniably infectious, and it’s already holding its own on the radio charts, too: two weeks since debuting on Alternative radio, the song is currently at number 26 and it continues to rise daily. There’s no doubt that after all of these years, Blink-182 are still on top of their game.