Calvin Harris Drops Official Video For “My Way”


Last month, Calvin Harris made a triumphant return as a vocalist with “My Way,” his first single to feature his own voice since 2014’s smash hit “Summer.” The new tune features a sunny, tropical vibe and an upbeat pop friendly production, and was welcomed by fans upon release. Today, Harris is back to offer up a music video for “My Way.”

The video for “My Way” features a futuristic concept that sees the Scottish producer and a love interest within a glitching reality simulation. In the video’s opener, we can see sci-fi influenced architecture among stark landscape formations, with Harris standing in a vibrant red room within the skyscraper. From there, we enter a virtual farm inhabited by Calvin and his companion, but the augmented reality isn’t everything it seems to be. As the video progresses, the imagery continues to destabilize and glitch out, before we come to the realization that the woman is artificial.

Considering that “My Way” was believed by many fans to be Calvin Harris‘ dig at his former relationship with Taylor Swift, the imagery featured throughout the music video is rather resonant. Whether this was intentional or not, it’s a suitable companion to the single and is definitely worth a watch.