Cash Cash Remixes David Guetta’s “Would I Lie To You”


Back in September, David Guetta and Cedric Gervias teamed up on “Would I Lie To You,” a funk influenced single that took the dance community by storm. Now, Cash Cash has offered up their official remix of the tune, which had previously been heard in Guetta’s live sets throughout the summer.

Contrasting the lighthearted soulful vibes of the original tune, Cash Cash opt for a harder edged club production with their remix. Taking a few cues from garage, the new remix kicks off with pitch shifted vocals and gradually building lazer sounds set against a steady house beat, before the drums drop away to make room for a massive chord progression. Moving into the drops, Cash Cash replace the funky guitar licks with spastic bass stabs that bounce between a persistent four on the floor groove.

For their version of “Would I Lie To You,” Cash Cash take the single in a wholly different direction while preserving the strong topline melodies from the original. With plenty of bass heavy energy and some interesting production choices, the new remix has more than enough firepower to satisfy the dance crowds.