The Chainsmokers Address Potential Full-Length Album


One-off singles are great and all, but nothing satisfies the urge for new music quite like an album. In terms of The Chainsmokers, the DJ duo has been taking over the airwaves for the past two years with bangers like “#SELFIE,” “Roses,” and the recent number one hit, “Closer.” Though we saw an EP from them last year, you’d think a full-length record could be on the horizon, but that may not be the case.

The Chainsmokers addressed their highly anticipated debut album on Twitter, when they wrote in a series of three Tweets that an album is “up to the fans if they want one.” Though they said that they’ll always continue to release music, creating an album to them is “something different” and “something more complete” that “reflects a time” in their lives. So, even though The Chainsmokers will keep churning out the hits, it’s unclear as to whether it’s going to result in an actual record.

That is, of course, if you choose to believe what they’re saying in the first place. The Chainsmokers are signed to a major label with a massive single in the Halsey-assisted “Closer,” so it’s silly to think that fans wouldn’t want an actual album, and obviously Columbia Records would want to capitalize on their success as much as possible.

However, they do raise a good point about an album, considering their whole career thus far has revolved around these one-off “loose” singles. If an album fails to live up to expectations and doesn’t hold the same quality as songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” or “Until You Were Gone,” it’ll ultimately be deemed a failure. But luckily, The Chainsmokers seem to have a knack for what the fans want, so chances are that an album is in the works and they want everybody to expect the unexpected.

For now, The Chainsmokers will continue ride the wave of their hit “Closer.” As far as new music goes, the duo’s been teasing clips on Snapchat and recently played a new track live that is believed to feature pop singer Bebe Rexha – so we could be getting something soon.

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