Coheed And Cambria Release Domino The Destitute Music Video

Now this is the Coheed and Cambria I came to know and love.

I’ve been a huge fan of Coheed ever since their launch to mainstream stardom with A Favor House Atlantic, opening the door to their science fiction influenced rock greatness. Taking over the progressive rock genre by storm, songs like Devil In Jersey City and Welcome Home could be heard blasting from my car, as I indulged in fresh tracks influenced by old school rockers, like a punkish Iron Maiden/Rush hybrid.

Then, in 2010, Coheed released Year of the Black Rainbow, a CD which tried to break the normal patters. Diluted with heavy synth and super crunchy distorted guitars, the CD left an empty pit in my stomach which had me cycling through past songs and yearning for a palate cleanser to get me past Year of the Black Rainbow.

Well fear not Coheed and Cambria fans who share my same sentiment, because the band is back, and back with a bang! Coheed has just gifted us with a brand new video for Domino The Destitute, the first single off their new CD The Afterman: Ascension, which is set to drop October 9th.

Building intensity and never letting up, the eight minute journey calls back to Coheed’s signature riff shredding and hard rock attack, returning to a cleaner arena rock sound. Don’t focus just on the music though, because video director Roboshobo shot some stunningly gritty visuals to accompany the emotions surging through Domino The Destitute. Appealing to both my inner cinephile and inner rocker, I couldn’t be more excited to hear the remainder of new material, hopefully striking the same familiar chord.

Coheed and Cambria couldn’t have picked a better song to promote their new album, but don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself below!

So what do you guys think, will The Afterman: Ascension be another smash success for our noteworthy progressive rockers?

(Source: Vevo)

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