Dada Life Tease Us With Mysterious New Video


Dada Life have something big in store for us, we’re just not sure what it is quite yet.

A fifteen second teaser appeared on YouTube today that simply shows champagne pouring out of a Dada Land Compound bottle. The duo likely has something huge on the horizon, and a countdown that appears on their website hints that all will be revealed on Monday.

We’re guessing that the boys will announce some new music, or perhaps an upcoming tour. Whatever it is, you can bet that it will be exciting. Olle and Stefan are two of the most enjoyable entertainers in EDM, and it’s always a thrill seeing them live. Be it an album, or simply more Dada Land Compound shows being announced, you can bet that we’ll be eagerly awaiting the reveal come Monday.

Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to let you know what Dada Life has in store for us as soon as it’s made public.