Dash Berlin Remixes Calvin Harris Into A Dance Epic


Dash Berlin has been slamming the dance world with some seriously awe-inducing remixes lately. They’ve taken on both Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” and Martin Garrix’s “Don’t Look Down” within the past three weeks, and now the Dutch trio has just churned out an epic remix of Calvin Harris’ “Outside.”

The track begins with a galloping bassline, employing a hollowed filter to phase back into a single menacing sine wave. Cutting out any superfluous elements, all focus is set on that infectious melody as the glorious notes ring out uninterrupted – and we all know Ellie Goulding has a wealth of talent, but damn does this mix make her vocals shine. Making up for the minimal first half, the airwaves are kept busy for the duration of the trance inspired buildup and on into the gritty progressive anthem.

Dash Berlin has truly created a brilliant remix with this one, cutting extra noise and emphasizing the precise moments of euphoria found in the original. Have a listen above and be sure to let us know what you think!