Deadmau5 Reveals His Favorite Songs From W:/2016Album


While deadmau5 has made it more than clear over the last few months that he’s not too optimistic about his upcoming studio effort W:/2016Album, some recent Twitter remarks from the producer at least clue us in that he’s happy with a few of the tracks present on the LP. In a lengthy series of Tweets this week, deadmau5 outlined his issues with the upcoming album, but did take a break from talking down his own music to reveal his favorite two tracks from W:/2016Album.

In the Tweet, deadmau5 explains that “Snowcone” and “Whelk Then” are his personal favorites from the record. “Snowcone” was debuted back in May and served as deadmau5’s first single in two years, while surprising listeners with its trip hop vibes.

Stylistically, both songs differ greatly from the type of progressive house dominated material that first brought deadmau5 to prominence, instead taking drifting excursions into downtempo soundscapes. “Whelk Then” signifies the more experimental direction we’ve seen the Canadian producer exploring since while(1<2), with less emphasis on rhythm and paying more attention to space and texture.

While we patiently await the arrival of deadmau5‘s next full length studio effort, it’s nice to know he at least has some appreciation for the forthcoming music.