Deadmau5 And Shotty Horroh Collab Again On “Legendary”


Back in November, deadmau5 took a surprising foray into the world of hip-hop when he teamed up with UK rapper Shotty Horroh on “Okay.” Joel Zimmerman, the man behind the mau5 helmet, was so pleased with the results that he teased the possibility of producing a full album with the vocalist. Now, the possibility of that promise coming true seems more likely as the two deliver their second collaboration, “Legendary.”

“Legendary” opens quietly with some looping, chopped up jazz samples, before a simple breakbeat and growling synth bass enter the mix. Shotty Horroh’s aggressive grime style verses pair perfectly with the hip-hop instrumental deadmau5 has crafted for the track, with the producer issuing some much needed restraint in the production to let the rapping take the spotlight.

Serving as a strong follow up to their first collab, “Legendary” arrives with a fierce backbeat to support Shotty Horror’s rap contributions. Coming at a time where deadmau5 seems to be setting his sights on a more hip-hop influenced sound, the new track represents another strong outing in this vein.

Even more interesting, it looks like “Legendary” is the first of two new joint efforts with Shotty Horroh….