Deadmau5 Dabbles In Hip Hop On New Shotty Horroh Collab


While deadmau5‘s upcoming LP W:/2016Album will be arriving shortly, the Canadian musician has still kept himself busy in his home studio. During one of his numerous live streams recently, the “Strobe” producer branched out with a hip hop collaboration titled “OK” featuring UK rapper Shotty Horroh, which was quickly ripped and distributed on YouTube.

On “Okay,” deadmau5 crafts a simple backdrop for Shotty Horror’s grimey flow, creating a heady melody out of crackling flute samples, layered over dirty beats and a blaring saw bass. As this is a hip hop cut, the Canadian producer keeps things simple and allows the same basic loop to repeat throughout the track, making room for some aggressive rhymes.

It seems like deadmau5 is looking to move past his progressive house roots as of late, with the producer dabbling quite a bit in trip hop in recent memory, as well as other non four on the floor genres. Zimmerman’s production abilities have proven to be quite versatile, and he offers up a suitable hip hop beat for Shotty Horroh to rap over on “Okay.”

Deadmau5 even teased the possibility of producing an entire album for Shotty Horroh on Twitter, so perhaps we’ll be seeing more hip hop efforts out of him in the future.