A Deadmau5/Feed Me Collaboration Is On The Way


Another deadmau5 collaboration? Yes, please.

I’m not even gonna go out of my way to try to conceal my musical man crush on the ‘mau5 of late. It seems like while every other artist in the world is either worried about how they’re going to sell records or how they’re going to prove their street cred, he’s resolved to make the same profound music he always has.

Seeing as how his best recent material has taken the form of a couple big-name collaborations, adding a production powerhouse like Feed Me to the list is as good of a move for the progressive house superstar as any.

Feed Me didn’t mince words when he took to social media to announce the collaboration:

In the studio with deadmau5. Also cats/cars etc.

Posted by Feed Me on Monday, June 8, 2015

While no other news about a collaboration between the two artists has become public, we’ll provide it as they make it available. In the meantime, tell us: Are you excited to see what deadmau5 and Feed Me turn out from their time in the studio? Let us know why or why not in the comments.