What So Not Debuts Upcoming Collab With Skrillex And RL Grime


What So Not caused a stir last week when he took to social media to announce a follow up collaboration to 2014’s “Tell Me” with RL Grime, and fans were understandably pumped to learn that the two producers would be releasing a new track together. However, a new video has surfaced that will have fans even more excited for the upcoming collaboration, as What So Not reveals that Skrillex has his fingerprints on the joint effort as well.

A live video has surfaced of What So Not’s performance at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood from over the weekend, with the Aussie DJ taking to the mic to clue the audience in that they’re about to be the first to hear the upcoming tune with Skrillex and RL Grime. The track kicks off with a truly massive build-up before taking a dive into disorienting trap with explosive beats and pitch bent basslines.

With news of Skrillex’s involvement in the latest What So Not/RL Grime collaboration, anticipation for an official release will naturally be reaching a fever pitch. From what we’ve heard so far, the three producers do not disappoint on the upcoming effort and fans have a massive song to look forward to when it finally drops.