Desiigner Reveals “Zombie Walk” Short Film


Halloween may be done with, but that isn’t stopping Desiigner from having a belated celebration. In fact, he deserves it: the rapper’s song, “Zombie Walk,” was actually his debut single shortly before “Panda” was known worldwide, and it kicked off the hype for him immediately. Chances are, he’s probably had Halloween in mind to drop a video for the track ever since its release, and now, the wait is over.

The “Zombie Walk” video is much more than just your standard clip – it’s actually a nine minute short film that ends up being part-real life and part-animation, depicting Desiigner transforming into zombie mode after hitting up a house party. It’s a strange concept, but with the help of director Grant Curatola and production company Pixel Pirate Studio, “Zombie Walk” breathes nothing but life. To top it all off, Desiigner’s acting chpops turn out to be pretty good.

If you’re wondering where you can check out a streaming version of “Zombie Walk,” you’ll find it on Desiigner’s debut commercial mixtape, New English, which came out this past June. He’ll be releasing his full-length in the near future headlined by the single “Tiimmy Turner,” which Kanye West recently remixed.

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