Destructo, Wax Motif And Vanilla Ace Go In On “Beatdown”


If you’re not all the way ready to let the G house trend fade into obscurity, then HARD Events founder Gary Richards A.K.A. Destructo‘s latest track will be right up your alley. He’s teamed up with Wax Motif and Vanilla Ace on “Beatdown,” to satisfy your immediate cravings for gangsta rap-tinged four-four beats.

“Beatdown” is built around samples from Snoop Dogg and The Eastsidaz’ 2000 hit “G’ed Up.” Menacing bass lines compliment the groove of the percussion with club-friendly testosterone, making for a track which will likely be included in a considerable number of DJ sets over the months to follow.

Destructo probably made the decision to work with Vanilla Ace after using his 2015 hit, “The Streets,” in HARD Summer’s recap video for the same year. As with much of the leading G house on the market, “Beatdown” is slated to come out on AC Slater’s Night Bass record label on March 3rd.

Listen to Destructo, Wax Motif and Vanilla Ace’s “Beatdown” above  and afterwards, let us know what you think of the track by making a trip down to the comments section.

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