Diplo Himself Didn’t Even Expect Where Are Ü Now To Take Off


It’s been several months since Diplo and Skrillex’s Jack Ü project debuted their Justin Bieber collaboration, “Where Are Ü Now,” with a surprise appearance from the latter artist at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and somehow it hasn’t run its course just yet. Concurrent with the release of the track’s official music video last week, the track just reached its peak position on the Billboard Hot 100 at 15, despite having received decidedly negative feedback from tastemakers like Zedd and deadmau5.

In a strange turn of events, Diplo has gone on the record saying that he didn’t even expect the track to become as successful as it did.

“Justin’s a homie,” Diplo said in an interview on UK radio station 95-106 Capital FM. “I’m surprised the record went as far as it’s gone, in America it’s going crazy right now.”

As much as we echo Diplo’s sentiments in regards to the quality of the song itself (we haven’t exactly sang its praises in the past), we have to question how much he really doubted the song’s success. The formation of Jack Ü itself was clearly a move for both artists’ camps to make more money, and nothing drove that point home more than when they revealed a collaboration with Bieber, of all people.

To that effect, Diplo calling Bieber his “homie” is about as believable as a Hollywood romance – and with how much money was riding on the success of the track, it’s no surprise that their management pushed it until it took off.

When you first heard Diplo, Skrillex and Justin Bieber’s “Where Are Ü Now,” did you expect it to see the kind of success that it did? Let us know why or why not in the comments.