Disclosure Test Out New Track At Las Vegas Stop Of Wild Life Tour


Guy and Howard Lawrence appear to have been quite focused on their 2016 Wild Life tour, resulting in next to nothing in the way of new music from Disclosure since their last album. That might all change, however, because they just debuted an as-yet-unreleased track during their performance at Light Nightclub in Las Vegas.

While sound design subtleties and lyrics are difficult to make out from the recording, the song appears to have more of a singalong anthem quality than most of what Disclosure puts out. Be that as it may, its melodic bass lines still hint at the duo’s unmistakable style.

Disclosure‘s 2015 album, Caracal, made for a satisfying follow-up to their 2013 debut effort, Settle. The Lawrence brothers are no strangers to brief experiments, but if the track is any indicator of what’s to come, then their third effort might see them redefine their sound.

The duo’s next two performances for the concept series take place on June 9th at Brighton City Airport in Sussex and on June 16th at Forest Hills Stadium in New York City, so perhaps fans can expect them to share more new music with live audiences in the coming weeks. And if they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.