DJ World: Episode Two Is Here And It’s Hilarious


Earlier this week, funnyman Dillon Francis revealed his latest comedy effort DJ World, a seven episode web series making a mockery of mainstream DJ culture. The faux reality TV series also features the familiar faces of Getter and pal Nick Colletti, who have each taken on various DJ personas to hilarious effect.

While the first episode served as a general overview of what was to follow, episode two delves into the character of Ronnie Ferrari (portrayed by Getter), who seems to be taking a few cues from Boy George’s signature flamboyant appearance. The one minute long instalment focuses on developing Ferrari’s character as Getter riffs on his homosexual tendencies.

If episode two serves as an indication for how the rest of DJ World will play out, we can expect each episode to focus on one of the six DJ characters portrayed by Dillon Francis and friends.

You can stay tuned for future episodes of DJ World at the official site here, and in the meantime, check out the second part above.

Source: Your EDM

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