DNCE Issue New Song Featuring Kent Jones


In DNCE’s new song, their mind is blown – and after listening to it, so is ours. The new single released from the dance pop band is yet another dose of funky brilliance from their upcoming debut record, but something about “Blown” makes it just a bit different from the other offerings that we’ve heard so far.

With retro vibes that sound straight out of the surf pop history books, DNCE goes all out on the “Blown” track, and it’s giving everybody a hefty dose of summer right at the end of October. It’s got much more lasting value than the lead single, “Body Moves,” too, because rather than writing yet another basic electro dance driven song, they switch things up by adding something different and more unique to their repertoire.

To make matters more interesting here, DNCE get hip-hop artist Kent Jones to provide some additional flair to the song. Best known for his debut hit, “Don’t Mind,” Jones adds a lengthy verse that calls back to Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s classic, “It Takes Two,” so if the track wasn’t already worth listening to, this pushes it over the edge.

DNCE’s new, self-titled album featuring “Blown” and “Cake By The Ocean” arrives on November 18th.

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