DVBBS Announce Debut Album


DVBBS have got major news – well, for them and anybody who actually likes whatever it is they do. The Canadian DJ/producer duo have revealed that they will release an album sometime in 2016, to what I can only imagine to have been the world’s most resounding “meh.”

Perhaps I’ve been too hard on the “Raveheart” producers, but what sparse releases they’ve put out are characteristic of the kind of big room cheese that has become all but a running gag in the world of dance music. A full-length album by the outfit in 2016 seems like it’s four years too late, unless they completely overhaul their sound into something of more substance.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to take it on good faith that all 33 of the fire emojis in their tweet indicate that they mean business:

If you’re a DVBBS fan, give me an idea of what it is you’re looking forward from their upcoming album by sounding off in the comments.