Dzeko & Torres Bring It “Home” In Their New Track


Canadian progressive house duo Dzeko & Torres may have kicked off their 2016 releases a bit later in the game than some of the other artists in the EDM world, but come February they’re going to hit the ground running. They just teased the preview for “Home,” their first original track of the new year, and it’s hard to imagine it not catching on when festival season comes around.

The pace of “Home” is set with invigorating vocals by Alex Joseph, which build up alongside a stripped-down piano melody until brass section-like synth work carries it to an exhilarating peak. While not a song that reinvents the wheel by any means, it’s easy enough to imagine the track setting a crowd of thousands at the foot of a festival main stage into motion.

As far as the full version of the track is concerned, it will come out through Musical Freedom Records on February 8th. Until then, give the preview of Dzeko & Torres‘ “Home” featuring Alex Joseph a listen above and let us know what you think of the track by sounding off in the comments section.

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