eLZHi Calls Out Slum Village on Verbal Intercourse Pt. 2

Last year, one of Detroit’s most celebrated rap groups, Slum Village, released their final album ‘Villa Manifesto’. The group consisted of J. Dilla aka Jay Dee (R.I.P.), Baatin (R.I.P) and T3. Later, the group would include eLZHi and Illa J.

After publicly leaving the group last summer, eLZHi releases Verbal Intercourse Pt. 2, which will be a bonus track on his upcoming mixtape ‘Elmatic’, a tribute to Nas’ 1994 album. On the track, eLZHi discusses his reasons for leaving and the way he now feels about his old group and the management.

I was in the group around ’99/ But rappin’ since 8, thought it was great to be finally signed/ But little did I know I made a huge mistake/ I found out the label and the manager was fake/ And the person that betrayed me the most was my partner/ Though all three would be the reason for my departure

Presumably, the partner he’s talking about is T3, the only surviving founding member of the group. Check out the track below. eLZHi kills it as always. I can’t wait for that ‘Elmatic’.