Fan rushes stage at Justin Bieber concert for selfie

justin bieber (SINGLE USE)
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

A Justin Bieber fan was recently tackled during the singer’s Capital Jingle Bell Ball performance in London, England.

The incident occurred on Dec. 11 at The O2 arena after a fan rushed on the stage while Bieber was singing hit single “Intentions,” from his fifth studio album, released last year. 

The unidentified fan is seen running around the stage during the performance while also filming the incident. Although the unnamed person never got close to the singer (his security was able to apprehend the individual), that didn’t stop Bieber from checking out what was happening behind him. 

Following the performance, Bieber took to his official Instagram account and commemorated a job well done by posting two different uploads that included photos from the set and after-party celebrations. 

A similar incident occurred involving Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine back in October when the band performed at the We Can Survive Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The concert is an annual event that recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness month. A blonde woman ambushed Levine during their set, grabbed and hugged him before she was immediately escorted off the stage. 

What created the viral moment wasn’t the onstage hug but rather Levine’s reaction to the situation. While the unidentified woman was being whisked away, the singer was seen shrugging off the hug and mouthing the words “f–k.”

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