Fans speculate that newly appointed national hero of Barbados, Rihanna, may be pregnant

Rihanna Height

The rumor mill is in overdrive over a Rihanna photo that fans think may hint at a pregnancy.

The 33-year-old singer and makeup mogul attended the inauguration of president Dame Sandra Mason.

Barbados is now officially a republic after severing ties with the British royal family. After ousting Queen Elizabeth II, the prime minister Mia Mottley promptly named Barbados native RiRi a national hero, ushering a new era of freedom and chill vibes.

Here’s something that wouldn’t happen with the British matriarch: the appearance brought on some major pregnancy speculation as the singer appeared to clutch her belly in a form-fitting orange gown.

In one image, we get a clean look at her. Some people say a little bump is visible, and that’s where the rumors are coming from.

Here’s another look at the pop star in motion.

Is she pregnant? Who knows. Even if everyone on the internet was a medical doctor I don’t think there’s any way to tell her pregnancy status from just looking at a dress. She does look amazing, though.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen rumors of a pregnant Rihanna either.

Back in September, the same rumor came up. Turns out someone doctored a photo of the singer and added some pounds to her.

It’s kind of wild that a whole country changed from a monarchy to a republic and people are more concerned about whether a pop singer has a baby.

Rihanna is currently dating superstar rapper A$AP Rocky. Let’s take a look at some takes.

What do you think? Is she pregnant or are we a civilization in decline due to our increasingly shallow interests? Let us know in the comments!