Flume Already Knows The Direction His Next Album Will Take


Although his latest studio effort Skin was released just a few months ago, future bass forerunner Flume has already figured out the direction his next album will take. In a recent chat with In The Mix, the Australian producer talked openly about his plans regarding his future full length release, expressing his intent to explore a more sample heavy sound.

Now that I’ve put Skin out, I’m like… awesome! I’ve done my big, grandiose, clean record, with lots of big sawtooth sounds. Now I’m kind of bored of it, and I want to do lots of more sample-based stuff, like actual world sounds. So, like, maybe a vocal that’s been recorded and make it into a chord.

Skin featured a number of major vocal driven tunes with singers like Kai, Tove Lo and Vince Staples appearing, but the Aussie producer states he’s more interested in hitting the studio with other producers on the next go around.

I kinda feel like I’ve done a lot of vocal collaborations, and right now I’m excited about collaborating with other producers.

Flume also reveals his desire to return to a more lo-fi sound aesthetic and hopes to find new inspiration in his work flow.

I kinda want to go a little more lo-fi, I guess. But that’s how it works – you get excited about one thing, then you go to the opposite for a bit. . . I mean, a fucking Skrillex bassline – 30 years ago, that shit wasn’t around, it didn’t exist. Like, what the hell! We have these tools, and if I can mess around, create crazy sounds and get excited about that, that’s the inspiration for a song.

Lastly, he talks about how he plans to get the creative juices flowing, stating that he intends to use the great outdoors as a muse.

And then I’m gonna go to national parks, take my surfboard, by myself, and just go surfing and … write another album in that. That’s the plan.

Flume clearly has already put a lot of thought into his next record, and we can’t wait to see what kind of material he dreams up in the future.