Foo Fighters Are Done Recording Their New Album

According to the band’s Twitter account, the Foo Fighters are officially done recording their new album. The 11 song album, which is still untitled, will hit this Spring. Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl’s former Nivrana bandmate will appear on the album as will Bob Mould, the lead singer of Husker Du/Sugar.

Grohl has been quoted as saying:

“I know the record and I can’t wait ’til everyone else hears it. Foo Fighter fans are going to freak out because honestly, it’s awesome. Basically 2011 you’re not gonna be able to get us out of your hair, that’s what we’re planning.”

He also told sources that it’s the ‘most rocking record yet.’ Sources close to the band confirm this as they say “there’s not an acoustic guitar on the whole record.” Sounds good to me.

We’ll keep you updated as more info about the album comes out.