Get Lost In Tritonal’s Blackout


To satiate fans until their second studio album, Tritonal has just released some delectable ear candy. The track is called “Blackout” and it’s an exquisite production with an equally emotive video release. The frequencies breathe cleanly, the vocals are gorgeous, and the melodies are simply striking.

Right off the intro, “Blackout” climbs from a simple synth progression into an encompassing web of expressive chords. Just as quickly, a jouncing bassline gives structure to wispy vocals and sweeping synths for a soothing, yet glitchy atmosphere.

“Blackout” finds itself in a strangely beautiful place, somewhere in between the poles of light and heavy, which does well to convey the music video’s story. We watch as the two characters dissolve into the world’s aether during the drops, providing a great visualization of escape and emotional release.

Click above to check out Tritonal‘s work on “Blackout” and let us know what you think.

Source: Your EDM

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