Gorgon City’s “Smile” Gets The Magician Treatment With New Remix


UK duo Gorgon City have been steadily unleashing their Kingdom project over the last several months, an ambitious double album that the group has been dropping in installments. Part 1 was released in August, featuring songs like “All Four Walls,” “Blue Parrot” and “Zoom Zoom” with Wyclef Jean, while the duo began to unveil Kingdom Part 2 in September with the first single “Smile” featuring Elderbrook. Now, Belgian DJ The Magician is offering up his own rework of “Smile.”

Compared to the original song, The Magician opts to pick up the pace a bit and layer in a more intricate rhythmic backing. Four on the floor drums pound out a beat alongside echoed ambience and bubbly bass notes, crafting an upbeat backdrop for Elderbrook’s vocals to soar over. The remix offers up pristine melodies and uplifting vibes, which pair perfectly with the club friendly grooves.

The Magician delivers a solid effort with his “Smile” remix, favoring subtle production changes over a radical rework of the tune. The new version retains the song’s identity while giving it a club friendly facelift, serving as the perfect flip of Gorgon City’s latest offering.