G-Unit and 50 Cent File Fourteen Claims Against Young Buck

Rapper Young Buck is facing 14 claims filed against him in his ongoing bankruptcy proceedings totaling $11.5 million. G-Unit filed a $10 million claim for a breach of contract while 50 Cent filed a $171,000 claim for a $300,000 loan in 2005.

Buck’s lawyer Robin Mitchell Joyce claims that his deal with G-Unit was unfair. “One of the biggest problems with Buck’s situation is not only that it’s so complex, but also that he didn’t understand it,” she continues, “The money went in and the money went out and Buck’s universe of knowledge about his financial state is a balance on an ATM receipt. … Buck never knew at one point, at several points, that he was a millionaire.

Joyce recently requested a $500,000 budget for a new Young Buck album on G-Unit, although negotiations for an album release have stalled. If they don’t release the album, Joyce is requesting that Young Buck be released from his contract.