Hardwell Makes Cameo In Video For Armin Van Buuren’s “Heading Up High”


International trance superstar Armin Van Buuren has allowed the songs from last year’s Embrace several months to emotionally connect with his audiences, and at long last he’s revealed the official music video for one of the album’s bolder departures.

In an exclusive premiere with MTV Music, the Armada label head has released the video for his Kensington collaboration, “Heading Up High” – which features an unexpected cameo from fellow Dutchman and progressive house icon Hardwell.

The video depicts inmates of an island-bound prison attempting to escape through a hole at the top of its dome-shaped structure by climbing a conveniently placed rope while Van Buuren and the members of Kensington perform “Heading Up High” on a just as conveniently placed stage. What inmates aren’t directly participating in the jailbreak – including one played by Hardwell – fist pump in unison to the performance from the periphery of the room.

As strange as the music video may be, it admittedly makes for a memorable visual accompaniment to one of Armin Van Buuren‘s more instrumental releases.

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