Hayden James Drops Some Deep House On “Just A Lover”


Hayden James has released an excellent new house track titled “Just A Lover” this week on Future Classic. James wears a few hats on the new single, bringing his talents as both producer and singer to the table.

“Just A Lover” features a deeply atmospheric production, with swells of white noise and reverb tails echoing in the background as a steady kick and rubbery bassline carve out an enticing groove. James’ smoky vocals hover above the music for most of the song’s duration, adding a human element to the electronic backtrack. “Just A Lover” comes to a conclusion as the beats and bass are stripped away, leaving a somber jazz piano sequence to bring the song to a close.

On his new track, Hayden James crafts a seductive production that draws the listener in with its soulful crooning and danceable rhythms. If you’re interested in picking it up, the new single is available for purchase here.

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