How to get and use Spotify’s new karaoke mode

Photo Mix from Pixabay

Warm up those vocal cords, because Spotify has a new feature that will let you finally live out your pop star fantasy. 

The newly-added karaoke mode arrives a year after the release of the lyrics function on the app, something users have demanded of the streaming app for years before finally receiving it. Now, those in charge have taken it one step further with an honest-to-God karaoke feature that will not only deliver a quieted backing track, but also score your singing. 

It’s surprising how long it’s taken Spotify to rise to the occasion, especially given how much spare time people had on their hands during the beginning of the pandemic to sing at home with those they were quarantining with. After all, it’s been slim pickings in the world of karaoke apps, with most people resorting to YouTube for one-off, sub-par karaoke videos created by random good samaritans. While it’s been helpful (even a godsend on those crazy Friday nights), it’s been anything but professional. 

So, how do you get Spotify’s karaoke mode?

M. H. from Pixabay

Spotify’s karaoke mode comes courtesy of the app’s newest update, so there’s not much you really need to do other than keep the app up-to-date. The update is expected to roll out very soon, with some people already receiving it and others having to wait a bit longer. 

The best thing to do is make sure your apps are set to automatic updates via the App Store or Google Play. That way, you’ll get the karaoke feature as soon as it becomes available. 

How to use Spotify’s karaoke mode

It’s actually quite easy to use Spotify’s karaoke mode. All you have to do is find the song you want, start playing it, and navigate to the lyrics screen by swiping up. You’ll see the “more” button at the top right-hand corner of the lyrics screen with a pair of arrows facing outward. With the addition of the karaoke mode, you should also now see “sing.”

This should bring up a different lyrics screen, one in which you can sing line-by-line to the song. The track will automatically be quieted down to make room for your magnificent vocals. Once those magnificent vocals finish belting out a song, you will then be scored on the magnificence of your singing.

It’s the dawn of a new day for karaoke enthusiasts, so get out there and sing your hearts out!